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Weekly Studies
Due Date: 6/17/2018
Subject: Math

Weekly Assignments for January 15-19, 2018


Math: Recognizing money, counting money, & making change from $5.00 or less

Multiply by 12's Practice Quiz: Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Multiply by 12's Test: Friday, January 19, 2018



Social Studies:  Ancient Mali- (Mrs. Lundy's Class)

SOL 3.2 & 3.4        Ancient Mali (West African Empire) Study guide

Test date will be announced on weekly homework log. Daily Quizzes will be given.



country located in the western region of the continent of Africa


group of people traveling together by camel


a dry, often sandy area where hardly any plants grow because there is so little rain


a storyteller in the oral tradition


a man from a royal family who is the ruler of his country or empire

Mansa Musa

The king of Mali from 1307 until 1337 A.D. During his reign the wealth, size and power of Mali grew to make Mali the most wealthy and powerful in Africa

oral history

the history of a people that is spoken rather than written


a person who retells orally the history of people , a person who makes up tales to entertain or to teach people


The first king to unite the country of Mali.  He was called the "Lion King."  He began his rule in 1235 A.D. 


The most important city in Mali.  It was a center of learning for Muslims with three universities.  It was the largest trading center in Mali. It was known as the City of Learning.

trade route

in Mali, the route (or path) that camel caravans took from the deserts in the north with salt, copper, cloth, books and cowrie shells and traders took from the forests in the south gold, kola nuts, ivory and slaves


                                       *located in West Africa

                                        *near rivers-Niger River

                                         *desert-like conditions

                                         *gold mines

Be able to locate: 7 Continents, 5 Oceans, Spain, France, England, Greece,

Italy (Rome), and Mali in Africa






                                 *salt was an important natural resource for people in the desert

                                 *salt was traded for gold


Africa was the home to several great empires.  One of the most prosperous was the empire of Mali.

Many storytellers (Griot) in Mali passed on traditions and stories from one generation to the next.

The kings (RULERS) of Mali were rich and powerful men who controlled trade in West Africa.  Mali became one of the largest and wealthiest empires in the region and was an important trade center. King Mansa Musa made Mali wealthy. He started universities and built mosques in Timbuktu making the former trading center a center for worship and learning.

Mali lay across the trade routes between the sources of salt in the Sahara Desert and the gold region/miners of West Africa.  For the people of the desert, salt was a natural resource.  People used salt for their health and for preserving foods.  Miners found gold in Western Africa.  Therefore, Salt was traded for Gold.

Timbuktu was an important city in Mali.  It had a famous university with a large library containing Greek and Roman books. It was known as the City of Learning.

Mali specialized in: Protecting the Empire

Economic specialization - being an expert (focusing on) at one job, product, or service

Economic interdependence- two or more people depending on each other for goods

and services.


Economic specialization and interdependence of communities in the past-

   Ancient Greece and Rome both focused on building ships, farming, and making

pottery. (Specialization)

Greeks and Romans traded their goods with Egypt and other nearby communities. (Interdependence)

   In the empire of Mali, some people specialized in protecting the empire, while others specialized in growing food for the empire. (Specialization)

   The people of Mali traded (gold for salt) with other people. (Interdependence)



Reading:            Read story, study spelling & Vocabulary each night!

Sun- Unit 4-Lesson 1- Vocabulary & Spelling List

Test: Friday, January 19, 2018

Spelling List:

1.    slightly

2.    kindly

3.    partly

4.    daily

5.    scary

6.    chewy

7.    rusty

8.    bony

9.    shipment

10. payment

11.  treatment

12. statement

13. selection

14. invention

15. action

16. apartment

17. easily


  1. Bursts- an explosion
  2. Devices- a machine
  3. Slightly- just a little
  4. Oval- egg-shaped
  5. Orbit- the path in space that an object follows as it moves in a circle around a planet, moon, or star.
  6. Tilted- on a slant
  7. Horizon- the line where the sky and the land or sea seem to meet
  8. Solar system- the sun and all the planets, satellites, asteroids, and comets that revolve around it


Science: Unit 6-  (Ms. Rife's Class)

 Daily assignments will be given.