Mrs.  Tommi  Rife
3rd Grade Teacher
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Weekly Assignments for September 11-15, 2017

Daily Homework-  Read & Study, do ABC Order, and Complete Math Sheet


Read story, study spelling and Vocabulary each night!

"Beauty and the Beast"

Unit 1 Lesson 4

Test: Friday, September 15, 2017


magnificent- very beautiful and grand, splendor

flattered- to praise too much without meaning it

mercy- kindness or forgiveness greater than what is expected or deserved

clung- to stick closely

timidly- in a way that shows shyness or lack of courage

sighed- to make a long, deep breathing sound because of sadness, tiredness, or relief

despair- complete loss of hope

splendor- a great display, as of riches or beautiful objects


Spelling List:

1. mercy

2. heavy

3. spray

4. honey

5. brief

6. field

7. street

8. alley

9. plain

10. turkey

11. east

12. day

13. week

14. year

15. claim

16. timidly

17. despair



Science: Unit 2- Investagating Questions


Daily assignments will be given.