Mrs.  Tommi  Rife
3rd Grade Teacher
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Weekly Assignments for December 4-8, 2017

Daily Homework-  Read & Study, do ABC Order, and Complete Math Sheet



Uncle Jed's Barbershop- Unit 3-Lesson 5
Vocabulary/Spelling List
Test: Friday, December 8, 2017
1.    county- part of a state
2.   equipment- tools and supplies used for a given purpose
3.   segregation- the practice of setting one group apart from another
4.   unconscious- not awake
5.   bundled- to wrap together
6.   falling- losing money
7.   stations- a place where a service is performed

 8.   wealth- riches

Spelling List


1. glow

2. bonus
3. road
4. town
5. owl
6. pound
7. about
8. July
9. scoop
10. due
11. flew
12. use
13. rule
14. mule
15. unit
16. county
17. tissue
18. raccoon



·         Study vocabulary list


·         Comparative & Superlative Adjectives (good, better, best- many, more, most)


·         Uncle Jed was hardworking and kind


·         Sarah Jean is the narrator of this selection


·         Uncle Jed lost over three thousand dollars because a bank failed.


·         Uncle Jed taught Sarah Jean to dream by achieving his own dream


·         Uncle Jed’s neighbors and friends respected him.


·         Uncle Jed is the main character of this story.


·         People don’t believe Uncle Jed will have his own shop because they think it is an impossible dream, and because Uncle Jed keeps having bad luck.


·         When customers couldn’t pay Uncle Jed he still cut their hair and let them share with him whatever they had.







Science: Unit 5- Landforms

 Daily assignments will be given.