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Mrs.  Tommi  Rife
3rd Grade Teacher
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Tomas and the Library Lady

Unit 6, Lesson 1- Vocabulary & Spelling List

Test: Friday, April 20, 2018


1.     gulps- a large amount swallowed at one time

2.    cot- a type of bed

3.    howling- to make loud, wailing cry

4.    lap- to drink a liquid by lifting it up with the tongue

5.    setting- to go down below the horizon

6.    borrow- to take something from another person with the understanding that itmust be given back

7.    eager- wanting very much to do something

8.    package- a thing or group of things packed, wrapped up, or tied together; a bundle

Spelling Test

1.     strange

2.    concert

3.    peanut

4.    washcloth

5.    mute

6.    these

7.    wrap

8.    didn’t

9.    pupil

10. limb

11.  jacket

12. scarf 

13. orphan

14. knuckle

15. you’re

16. eager

17. package

18. wristband


To know:

Antonyms: words that have opposite meanings (big & small)

Synonyms: words that have the same or similar meanings (big & large)

Compound words: words that are made by combining two separate words (doghouse)



Tomas and the Library Lady


Unit 6, Lesson 1- Selection Test Study Guide


Test: Friday, April 20, 2018



*       Be able to recognize the noun, proper noun, and verb in a sentence.


*       Tomás taught the library lady a sad word because he was going back to Texas, and he would miss her, the library, and the books.


*       The library lady found books for Tomás, and he taught her words in Spanish. This was how they helped each other.


*       Tomás visiting the library helped his family because he read the books to them and they all learned new stories.


*       Papá Grande wanted Tomás to find new stories at the library to teach the family.


*       The author wrote this selection to tell a story about a boy enjoying a library.


*       Tomás moved to Iowa because his family went to pick crops there.





 Science: Unit 9- Matter

Daily assignments will be given.