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Mrs.  Tommi  Rife
3rd Grade Teacher
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Johnny Appleseed

Unit 6, Lesson 4- Vocabulary & Spelling List

Test: Friday, May 4, 2018


1.     Stored- to put away for future use

2.    Cleared- to remove things from

3.    Survived- to stay alive

4.    boasted- to brag

5.    Exhausted- very weak or tired

6.    Affectionately- with love

7.    Exaggerated- to go beyond the truth

8.    Claim- to say that something is true

Spelling Test

1.     astronomer


2.    support


3.    graphic


4.    flawless


5.    congratulate


6.    quality


7.    geologist


8.    neatly


9.    basement


10.  shyness


11.  invasion


12.  padded


13.  painting


14.  bendable


15.  colorful


16.  exhausted


17.  exaggerated


18. affectionately




To know:


Review suffixes


ly- in a certain way


y- having the quality of


ment- action or process of


tion- action or process of,


ful- to be full of


able- can be


ity- state of being


less- without or lacking


ness- state of being


sion- state of being




Greek & Latin root words:


ast- star


graph- write


log- word


scop- see


grat- pleasing


mar- sea


miss- send


port- carry


·        Homophones: words that sound alike but have different spellings and meanings.

·        Homographs: words that have the same spelling but have different pronunciations and meanings. (wind- movement of air- wind-to wrap with something flexible)

·        A Legend is a story that has become exaggerated through retellings.

·        The story is told from the third-person point of view by an unnamed Narrator.

·        Johnny first cleared land in the Allegheny Mountains.

·        Johnny had to return to the East to get more seeds when he ran out.

·        John Chapman’s nickname was Johnny Appleseed. He was a strong, gentle, and kind man. He loved nature and animals.

·        When Ohio became too crowded, Johnny moved to Indiana.

·        During Johnny’s early years, his father was away at war. His mother and brother died before he was two. This made life hard for Johnny.

·        To get the forest cleared so he could plant more apple trees, Johnny came up with a plan for the men to have a tree-chopping contest.

·        The winters slowed Johnny down because, it was cold and snowy in winter and difficult to travel and find warm shelter.



Science: Unit 10- Simple Machines

Daily assignments will be given.