See What We`re Learning 

Image of the letters A B C D                       


    We will start Unit 4, World of Color after Christmas break. We will explore the color of things, mixing colors, stains, fading and color patterns.  Our stories and center activities will revolve around these topics. Other skills for unit 4 are listening for beginning sounds, recognizing letters and numbers, counting objects and patterns and rhyming. We are continuing to recognize number through 10 and counting objects to 20 and have covered Aa-Ff. We will review these numbers and letter/sounds when we return after break. The students will be checked on these skill for their first progress report which will go home a week or so after we return.  Please check your child's folder each day and review these skills. Learning the alphabet is so very important in learning to read! We are still working on writing names and continuing to work on following rules, routines, listening and following directions. 

*Remember to check your child's folder each day and remove their papers.