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Weekly Study Guides 




Unit 1 Lesson 1:  Tests will be given on Friday, September 1st

Reading Selection:  "Because of You" (p. 16-29)

Genre: Fiction

Target Skill: Making Connections and Main Idea (SOL 2.7, 2.8)


  1. feelings-an emotion, such as joy, fear or sadness
  2. share-to divide into portions and give to others as well as to oneself
  3. precious-loved and cherished
  4. care-to look after
  5. kind-gentle, giving, and friendly

Phonics: Long a spelled a and a_e and long i spelled i and i_e (SOL 2.4b)


  1. mild
  2. care
  3. pilot
  4. lady
  5. bake
  6. time
  7. sale
  8. ride
  9. able
  10. kind
  11. apron
  12. final
  13. quite
  14. quiet
  15. share

Language Arts: Identifying complete sentences; writing complete sentences (SOL 2.12); syllables (SOL 2.6); recognizing nouns (person, place, thing, animal) and verb (action words) in sentences

Math: SOL 2.5 Addition with sums of 20 or less and corresponding subtraction facts (Fact families), SOL 2.6b Addition with sums 99 or less. SOL 2.7b Subtraction (two digit with sums 99 or less)

Science: Unit 1 "Work Like a Scientist"

Social Studies: Communities and Citizenship:  Responsibilities of a good citizen (SOL 2.10a,c)