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Week of Feb. 5-9, 2018  

“How to Hide an Octopus and Other Sea Creatures”

Unit 4-Lesson 3

Vocabulary & Spelling Study Guide

Test:  Wednesday, February 14, 2018

**Date may change due to weather**


1.      creatures--plural of creature:  a living thing

2.     delay—to take place at a later time

3.     glides—moves in a smooth way

4.     designed—past tense of design:  to plan or make

5.     fade—to lose color or brightness

6.     proceeds—moves on or continues


Spelling Words

1.     look

2.     good

3.     soot

4.     shook

5.     stood

6.     foot

7.     brook

8.     wood

9.     hoof

10.   hook

11.   uncooked

12.   childhood


·        Fact and Opinion Review:  Facts can be proved; Opinion is someone’s thoughts or feelings that cannot be proven.

·        Prefix: Prefix is added to the beginning of a word and changes the meaning of that word.        “dis”—means “the opposite of”, or “not”

·        Compound Sentences:  when two sentences with similar ideas are combined into one sentence.

·        Conjunctions:  a word that connects words or ideas.  And, or, and but are conjunctions. 

·        Octopus is most like a cuttlefish.

·        Shrimpfish live between the spines of sea urchins

·        An octopus changes color and the texture of its skin can change from smooth to rough to match what it is near.   If it was near green seaweed, it would change to the color green.

·        Cuttlefish stripes show that he’s been courting but he can make them fade away slowly or without delay to protect himself.

·        To blend into its surroundings, the giant red sea dragon has ribbons of red skin growing from its chin, belly, and back; from its head to its tail to trick its enemies.

·        Pipefish uses its color and shape to blend into the grass to hide.


Counting Money.....please work with your child on recognizing the heads and tails of the coins.